The Reality of Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

Your testosterone level is a reliable biomarker for your overall health. Modern unhealthy lifestyle robs you of your natural hormonal levels and leaves them lopsided.

Testosterone levels in American men have been diving southwards since quite a few decades. Therefore, there is a deluge of innumerable testosterone-boosting supplements in the market. Many companies claim that their supplements are safe, effective and scientifically proven. In most of the cases scientifically proven stand for animal tests or test tube tests.

How Does Testosterone Levels Affect You?

Major setbacks of having a low testosterone are weight gain, muscle loss, stress, mood swings, fatigue, cognitive decline. Stress may lead to lack of sleep and emotional eating which, in most cases, leads to weight gain and thus low testosterone levels. This is a vicious cycle which may snowball into many other bigger health issues.

There are major pros of having normal testosterone levels like improved mood, well-managed stress, improved cognition and improved muscle mass. This is the reason why many athletes have been caught and punished for taking testosterone boosters.

What Kind Of Products Are Available In The Market?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding testosterone boosters. Some are testosterone boosters and some are aromatase inhibitors.

Many people assume that testosterone supplements are steroids and are harmful in nature but testosterone boosters can also be derived from nature, which can have little or no side effects.

Testosterone boosters contain ingredients which can increase the testosterone levels and also indirectly boost t levels. For example, it may have melatonin which induces sleep and reduces stress and is beneficial for your sex life.

Aromatase inhibitors work on the excess estrogen. Excess of estrogen leads to breast tissue development in men, weight gain and depression. These inhibitors stop the excess testosterone to convert into estrogen.

Some supplements increase muscle mass, others increase sex drive while few others work to decrease the estrogen levels. Consult your physician to check which one suits your goals and body type.

Who Should Take These Supplements?

Men who have normal T levels are not advised to take them as there will be negligible gains from them.

Men whose clinical reports prove that their testosterone levels are low should only take these supplements. Men who are fat, feel fatigue or are stressed out must not assume that it is because of low T levels. It could be because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Only post consulting a doctor should you opt for these supplements. Men who have diabetes, blood pressure or have gone through major heart surgeries recently, should take second opinion their doctor.

Final Verdict

Testosterone boosting supplements may work however, you also have to exercise, eat proper food and sleep for minimum 8 hours. Just like a car won’t drive itself to the destination, it also requires a competent driver. In the same way, consuming only these supplements won’t help you. You also need the rest of the things to fall in place.

You can take testosterone boosting supplements that are natural like Jovian Testosterone booster, to improve your sexual wellness. It is a naturally-formulated solution which boosts stamina by increasing the sex hormone.

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